Mount Care

Big-Game (Shoulder & Full Body Mounts)

  • Monthly: Use a compressed computer air to blow off the dust. brush the hair to make it lie naturally. 
  • Annually: For mounts with antlers, saturate a rag with WD-40 and thoroughly rub the antlers, then take a dry cloth and remove all the excess WD-40. This may be done annually. If a mount becomes severely soiled, you must have it professionally cleaned by a qualified taxidermist. 
  •  There are care products available to repel dust from collecting on your mounts

Dust bird mounts with a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster. You can use compressed computer air to blow off the dust  It is best to never rub or touch the feathers   NEVER use a vacuum because suction breaks the feathers. NEVER use a damp cloth because moisture will ruin the mount.


General Guidelines
Avoid placing mounts above an extreme heat source (such as a fireplace) or in strong sunlight.  Tobacco smoke and grease smoke will rapidly yellow mounts.  Mounts may need to be “touched-up” periodically to restore their life-like look. If an accident damages the mount bring it to Dels's Taxidermy to see if it can be repaired. 


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